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These 4 Elgato Stream Deck Mounts Free up Your Desk Space

If you’re the proud owner of an Elgato Stream Deck or three, you may have noticed that they tend to take up a bit of space. This is especially true for the XL model, which boasts a nice~ 32 programmable buttons. Wouldn’t you like to reduce the clutter they contribute to your desk? In this article, I intend to bring to your attention some third-party stream deck mounts that are designed to take the stream deck off the desk and out of your way.

These mounting solutions utilize 3D printing to give you a cheap but effective means to control your stream deck’s positioning.

Why Buy These Mounts?

The Stream Deck is a great device but lacks the modularity of other products when it comes to mounting solutions. For example, some webcams have both a friction clamp and a 1/4 inch threaded tap. However, Stream Decks are designed to simply be placed on a flat surface, which, while sufficient for most, can quickly lead to desk real-estate issues and an ever-growing mass of spaghetti wires going every which way.

The reason for this is that desk space is at a premium for content creators, like streamers, who tend to utilize specialized hardware such as audio interfaces or mixers in addition to lights or microphones in use. Plus the traditional mouse and keyboard, multiple monitors, and many other tools are all fairly standard for content creators. These devices all together take up a large quantity of desk real estate. So anything that can reduce the desk clutter is a welcome addition to many in this situation.

This is where these mounts for the Stream Deck come into play.

Some Extra Accessories For Your Stream Deck Mount

Several mounting solutions below utilize a mounting arm of some sort. Depending on where your stream deck ends up, it could result in its wire being strung across undesirable locations. The solution to that?

Wire ties.

I like this pack because a splash of color is nice. If you prefer the look of black, these wire ties will do the job. I don’t imagine you’d need more than the one pack, but you can never have enough wire ties.

Alternatively, if you have a stretch of multiple wires along the same path, you could opt for a wire sleeve instead to banish the wire spaghetti monster to the abyssal plane…or something. (Sorry, my love for DND is showing!)

1: The SD15 Stream Deck Clip With 1/4” Threaded Tap

stream deck mount - SD15
Images Provided by @TAGPlaysTV
Stream Deck mount SD15 rear view
SD15 Rear View
stream deck mount SD15 Side View
SD15 Side View
Stream Deck mount SD15 No Stream Deck
SD15 Deckless view
Stream Deck ModelCompatible?
Original 15 Button Stream DeckYes
Stream Deck XLNo
Stream Deck MiniNo
Gen 2 Stream DeckNo
Compatibility Table for the SD15 Stream Deck Clip

Mounting Arm Not included.

This first option to mount your original 15 button stream deck is the SD15 by AD3D. This little plastic clip provides you a means to tap into the many 1/4″ mounting solutions that are typically used for lighting and camera equipment, to instead mount your stream deck. The SD15 is designed to clip onto the original Streamdeck from the rear and has a threaded hole to which you can screw into a mounting solution that works best for you.

With that said, it is important to remember to use a mounting arm that is rigid enough to not flex when attempting to push a button on the stream deck. Nothing says frustration like a stream deck that you can’t push the button to because the arm is too floppy. AD3D recommends using this arm by KDD if you want a desk mount solution or this one that can be attached to a circular tube.

It is as simple as they come, with functionality being the primary focus. That said, it does come in a variety of snazzy colors to boost the form.

I think the best part is that he is only charging $10 for this clip. This is a very reasonable price for this, especially considering the cost of many other options. You can purchase the SD15 over on Etsy if you’re interested in this mount to free up some of your precious desk space while adding some extra control over the position of your stream deck.

A word of warning: This clip does not work for the second generation of the 15 button Stream deck with the swappable faceplate. See the compatibility table above for reference.

2: The SDXL Mounting Clip for the Streamdeck XL

Stream Deck mount SDXL
Images Provided by @TAGPlaysTV
SDXL Mount Showcase
Example of a Robust Mount
SDXL Rear View
SDXL From the Rear of the StreamDeck XL
SDXL Edge View
Edge View of the SDXL
Stream Deck ModelCompatible?
Original 15 Button Stream DeckNo
Stream Deck XLYes
Stream Deck MiniNo
Gen 2 Stream DeckNo
Compatibility Table for the SDXL Stream Deck Clip

Mounting Arm Not included.

The SDXL is the larger cousin of the SD15 designed by AD3D designed to work with the Stream Deck XL. Due to the weight of the larger device, you really need a sturdy mounting arm to handle it. A gooseneck, for example, is simply too flimsy.

AD3D recommends using this arm by KDD, as it utilizes a rigid locking design that allows you to prevent the joint from moving once you tighten it down.

The SDXL shares the same design principles as the smaller SD15, just longer really. This extra length does result in some structural strength loss, but not enough to make the clip unusable. Just don’t go testing how far you can flex it before it gives, cause you might end up having to dish out another X dollars to replace it! Used properly, it will be sufficient for holding up your Stream Deck XL.

3: The SDMK2 – An AD3D Design for the 2nd Gen Stream Deck

SDMK2 Design Phase
Stream Deck ModelCompatible?
Original 15 Button Stream DeckNo
Stream Deck XLNo
Stream Deck MiniNo
Gen 2 Stream DeckYes
Compatibility Table for the SDMK2 Stream Deck Clip

AD3D is currently in the design process for the SDMK2, a variant of his other clip designs that will support the newest generation of Elgato’s Stream Deck that was released in 2021. The Second Generation stream deck is designed to have a removable faceplate, a removable USB-C cable, and even comes with a built-in stand as well. You will likely need to remove the stand to fit a mounting clip, so you are aware.

4: Series 40 Stream Deck Mounting Mechanism

Series 40 Mount for the Stream Deck
Images Provided by Daks Print Shop
Series 40 mount from behind
Series 40 Mount from Behind a Monitor on an extruded frame
Series 40 mount below monitor
Series 40 Mount in a Racing Setup
Series 40 mount Side Variant
Series 40 mount screw holes Side Variant
Stream Deck ModelCompatible?
Original 15 Button Stream DeckYes
Stream Deck XLNo
Stream Deck MiniNo
Gen 2 Stream DeckNo
Compatibility Table for the Series 40 Stream Deck Mount

The 40 series mount designed by Daks Print Shop can be screwed into the underside of your desk using some short wood screws, allowing the stream deck to be folded flush when not in use to the underside of the desk. This unique approach helps declutter the desktop surface but requires that you screw the mount in place or use 3m double-sided tape. In addition, the arms of the mount have wire routing holes to help keep loose wires in check.

Included with your purchase:

  • 40 series mounting bracket
  • Stream Deck Housing
  • 2x m5 screws and nuts for the bracket to the housing assembly
  • 2x m6 mounting screws

You can also choose to utilize a T-nut and bolt the mount into a channel, like those found on extruded aluminum frames, for a more modular approach, though you’d have to source your own T-Nuts to do so.

While not as versatile as the designs by AD3D in terms of positioning potential, if you don’t plan to buy another arm and are okay with the stream deck never moving positions outside of folding it back, this might be a better option for you. It also does not require additional hardware, save for screws or tape to secure it to a surface.

Dak is also currently working on an XL version of this stream deck mount, and plans to release a version to support the Stream Deck Mini as well!

Bonus: The Double Deck Mounting Frame

Stream Deck ModelCompatible?
Original 15 Button Stream DeckYes
Stream Deck XLNo
Stream Deck MiniNo
Gen 2 Stream DeckNo
Compatibility Table for the Double Deck Mounting Frame

This mounting option is designed by Ves Designs and Prints for users with two of the original 15 button Stream Decks. It is a frame that you slot your stream decks into, and it raises both up and sets them at a fixed angle. The design is aesthetically pleasing to look at and feels solidly mounted, though it does sacrifice some functionality in favor of form.

Unlike the other mounting solutions available, this one does not save you any desk space, and some assembly is required, but it is a nice solution for those of you who use two stream decks. Still, it has the advantage of not requiring additional hardware like the other mounts within this post.

Personally, I would have liked to see a drawer added at the bottom where you can store thumb drives or whatever because there is some empty space that goes unused. I understand that the cross-sections are like that to increase structural integrity, but I like to reclaim space on my desk where possible.

Still, it is a nice-looking option for those of you who use two of the original 15 button Stream Decks, and they sell a variety of additional accessories for your Stream Decks, including hybrid mounts that fit an original stream deck, a stream deck mini, and a Stream Deck XL.

Due to the fact that this design does not save you any desk space, this one is considered a bonus, rather than an addition to the list itself.

Have a Design of Your Own? Contact Me to Feature It Here!

If you’ve dabbled in 3D printing of your own and have a design to share, be sure to contact me so that I can add it to this list! I want to provide my readers with a variety of options to suit the needs of their environments, so your assistance is appreciated in this matter!

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