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Change your email in guilded
Change your email in guilded

How to Change Your Email in Guilded [5 Easy Steps]

Need to change your email in Guilded? Here is a lightning-quick tutorial showing you how to do it.

Why Change your Email in Guilded?

There are several reasons why you might want to change the email associated with your Guilded account. For example:

  • You forgot your password for it
  • A hacker stole it
  • You want to add an alias to the email

Changing the Email

To change your email in guilded, simply:

  1. Left Click on the settings cog at the bottom left of Guilded’s interface
Guilded Settings Cog
  1. Under the Overview tab, select the Edit account button.
Edit Account Button in the Guilded Interface
  1. Left Click into the Email field and type the new email
  2. Left-Click on the new Save Changes button at the bottom left to confirm
Change Your Email in Guilded
Note the +test at the end of the email. This is an alias and it forwards the email to if it’s set up to do so. Gmail works like this.
  1. You will need to enter your password at the end to verify it is you.

You’ll need to reverify your email once the password has been changed.

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