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The best Mixer tools for a Mixer streamer


Hi there! Looking for some tools to add some spice to your stream & improve your audience’s experience? We’ve got some info about some of the best Mixer tools available out there.

From Bots to Stream tools, all the way to alert overlays, we’ve covered a few subjects that you may be interested in adding to your channel’s dynamic.

In addition, If you’d like to see what the platform Mixer itself has to offer over others, like Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube, check out our post about it!

Interaction Focused Mixer Tools

Image is of various gears interlocked in a transmission.  Symbolic of mixer tools improving your stream.

Tools designed for streamers are easy to find, but only if you know what to search for. We figured it was about time to put them all in one place, so you can get what you need to produce the best stream you’ve ever done!

The best Bots for Mixer & Their features

Covered in this section are our recommended bots used to:

  • Moderate Chat & auto kick/ban for profanity or linking without permission
  • Automating Timer commands, repeating a message every few minutes. For example:
    • sending out your Discord invite link to encourage the growth of your community
    • Reminding you to take a drink of water
    • Promoting your next stream start day and time
    • & more, get creative.
  • Start & playing chat games with your audience, like “Build the Pyramid Challenge!”
  • Save and call quotes of things you say in-stream
  • & more.

There are two main bots that we recommend to Mixer Streamers: Firebot & MixItUp. However, there are a few others, so keep reading to see.

Firebot – A fairly simple-to-use Mixer bot

What better bot to start with, if not Firebot? With this, you can create buttons that play sound clips, video clips, display overlays when a user subs/follows/hosts & a few other notable features. This hooks into the MixPlay feature to accomplish this, and basically just expands that feature’s functionality.

The list of features has grown overtime for this bot, to include some very powerful ones:

The Features of our favorite of the Mixer Tools bots
Full Feature List
Expanded Mixplay functionalityChat Commands
Fully custom Chat commands, like !Quote_of_the_day or anything else you can think of
Support for Streamlabs, TipeeeStream & Streamloots
No need for DevLab
The Mixer backend can be a hassle to deal with. Firebot integrates with the back-end and accomplishes the same thing in a better interface
Chat Feed
Monitor chat directly within the bot itself, logging the whole chat post moderation actions.
Events System
Similar to StreamLabs Alert System, this may have some use for you to play custom Gifs or sound effects.
MixrElixr Support
Want to add some emotes as a non-partner? With MixrElixr, you can. And Firebot integrates with it for the internal chat of the bot.
Chat Currency
Admittedly, before chat currency was added by Mixer Natively, this was a handy feature. That said, it can still be used to add multiple types of currency to your channel. Do with that what you will.
Viewer Leaderboard Database
Find your biggest fans by watch time, Chat activity & Mixplay Use
Timer Commands
Repeating Commands, like reminding you to drink water (You must set it up yourself)
Control OBS & your PC using chat commands. An Artificial StreamDeck, essentially, that your stream can control (If you let them.)
Effects System
Want to make Fireworks explode on your stream with a command? Do it.

Here’s the link to their features list, just in case ours becomes out of date at some point as the bot evolves.

MixItUp – One bot to rule them all

Their site claims that this is the only bot you’ll ever need. And…They aren’t wrong. There is a lot to unpack here, so get ready pick your jaw off the floor.

  • OvrStream Support – We’ll cover what this is exactly further down, but it is essentially a replacement for another Alert system called Streamlabs or StreamElements.
  • StreamDeck Integration – Fully integrate your commands that you set up within MixItUp into a StreamDeck (including their Mini, XL, and others.)
  • Stream Avatars – A neat little extension that adds little 2d sprites of your active viewers & Chatters on stream. More on This one below.
  • OBS Studio, StreamLabs OBS, & XSplit Support – This bot can control your scenes, trigger clips, and a few more things.
  • Monetization services integration – From Patreon & TipeeeStream, to StreamJar and Gawkbox, this bot integrates with a ton of platforms that can be used to monetize your channel before partner.
  • Widgets & Overlays – Want stream chat visible on your Stream itself so lurkers or full-screen users can still see chat? With MixItUp you can! In addition, there is a Goal Progress bar, event list, and even The Stream boss!

That’s merely the tip of the iceberg, so you’ll want to look at their massive list of features on their site to get an idea of what you are getting with this one tool fits all solution.

Stream Enhancement Mixer tools

Remember us saying something about Ovrstream and how we’d go into detail on it. Well, here it is, along with Stream Avatars, and a few others.

Stream Avatars – See your audience on stream as little animated gifs

This one isn’t free, but it may be worth it for you to increase interaction with your audience. Currently, Stream Avatars is being sold on steam for $14.99. This software features your audience as little gifs on your stream as an overlay.

Stream Avatars Logo. One of the best Mixer tools.

It comes with a default set, but you can download community-made avatars, or even make your own!

A recent addition was that of the chat bubble. Yes indeed, your audience’s chat is displayed as an RPG Chat bubble above their heads. This can further entertain the audience, and evoke a sense of Roleplay for some.

There is even a battle royale mode, and your audience fights to the last. The winner is crowned, and can be a fun way to do a giveaway! This tool is not exclusive to Mixer, and in fact, works with Twitch & YouTube as well.

Ovrstreamtm – A sleek alert system

Ovrstreamtm is a program designed to do two things really well:

Alerts & overlays.

With that laser-focused goal in mind, they deliver.

Utilizing 3D animated motion graphics, create an eye-popping jaw-dropping experience. Motion activates strongly in our peripheral vision. Having the emote animate in a flashy way will quickly draw attention, and screams “High-level production”.

Just to be clear, Ovrstreamtm is free for 60 days, and after that, it is $4.99/mo.

If you are looking for a more “Hype” type experience, Ovrstream should be your next consideration.

Streamlabs – The Granddaddy Streamer assistant

While Ovrstreamtm does offer, in our opinion, a better alert system as far as stylization, you don’t want to discount the OG in the room. Streamlabs is a collection of tools designed specifically for a streamer. One major benefit is that it is completely free to use. It is still around today, and there is a big reason for that.

Streamlabs is very stable, easy to use, and has a ton of powerful features. It is also widely supported by a number of other tools & integrations. For example the Elgato Streamdeck.

Also, Streamlabs OBS has Nerdordie overlay themes built into the program for easy preset overlay elements. However, did you know? You can still use your Nerdordie presets within OBS? Just copy over the source links into Media Sources, Image sources & browser sources!

One of our favorite features of Streamlabs is the Event List, which in our opinion, was far better than stream labels. There are many more features, including View count, end credits, & Monetization options. You’ll want to watch this video to learn more.

YouTube video
Streamlabs Creator Sites – Websites are mixer tools too!

Websites are a powerful tool if used correctly. They create a focal point to which to anchor your brand off of. Not sure what a brand is, or how to grow something as a brand? We have an article that might shed some light on that.

StreamLabs has launched something they call “Creator Sites” which is essentially a Drag & Drop editor. (WYSIWYG editors for the technically inclined.) It features a strong integration into the major streaming platforms; Mixer, Twitch & YouTube are the only three platforms supported at this time. We’ll let you know if that changes!

Create an organic source of traffic using StreamLabs Creator Sites

Streamlabs Creator Sites are an invaluable tool for any streamer. They offer a simple & effective Drag & Drop editor, as well as provide base templates to go off of. If you can’t afford the price of a Web developer, Streamlabs Creator Sites is the next best thing.

Using a tool not mentioned here?

We strive to provide streamers with the tools they need to succeed and Draw more attention. We covered some of the features that we thought made them stand out, but there is a huge quantity of tools to cover. Maybe that up-and-coming tool is way better than one of the ones listed here! Let us know if you have a tool you use for your streams.


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  1. Another tool that is actually pretty good is Pixel Chat. Incorporates many elements onto your stream like chat box, ember and sparks listings, a shout out that uses an avatar element for more punch, close captioning (through the premier option) and more. Can find it at pixel.chat

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