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10+ Best Christmas Gifts for Streamers

Looking to get your Streamer friend a Christmas gift? Look no further than this post. Some Ideas on here are things I personally would love to get, while others are just cool props that they can show off to their audience.

The Best Overall Christmas Gifts For Streamers

Maono PD400X Side View

Editor’s Choice – A Microphone

A good quality microphone will be in use by a streamer daily. It is a great investment for them.

Audio Quality
Background Noise Rejection
Series 40 Mount for the Stream Deck

2nd Best Choice – A Stream Deck

A Stream Deck can vastly improve how a streamer can control their content. They’ll probably love it.

Third-Party Support
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones - 250 ohms variant

3rd Best Choice – Headphones

Headphones are another staple that is in use every single stream. They’ll appreciate this gift.

Audio Quality
Noise Cancellation

Why these Gifts?

Each one of these devices was carefully selected with one thing in mind – How useful they are to a streamer. Each one of these devices will likely be in use in every single stream going forward.

They won’t guarantee any success in their growth endeavors, but they will either improve their audience’s experience or the streamer’s experience in some ways. But don’t stop here; there are many other useful things for streamers on this list to help you make a Christmas gift decision.

A Nice Microphone

Starting off this list of the Best Christmas Gifts for Streamers is a good quality microphone. This is arguably one of the most important components of a streamer’s setup, as good-quality sound is crucial for audience members to have a great experience.

The microphone I recommend is the Maono PD400X, as it is a microphone that handles background noise very well, as well as supports a USB-C connection and a professional XLR connection. This gives your special streamer the ability to use the USB connection if they don’t have the required audio equipment needed to use the XLR connection and a good upgrade path for later on when they want to up their audio game.

Note: Before you buy this microphone, ensure that the streamer you are buying for doesn’t already have a nice microphone.

A Microphone Boom Arm

If you get the streamer a microphone for christmas, getting them a boom arm to go with it will be very much appreciated. With that said, it is important to get a boom arm that is good quality – after all, it is the arm that is holding up the expensive microphone. If the arm fails, the microphone could come crashing down, and get damaged from the impact.

If that microphone were a ribbon microphone, then that microphone is likely to suffer a catastrophic failure, and be rendered inoperable. AKA, it will break and be unusable.

That is why I recommend getting a quality and reliable boom arm.

Great Sounding Headphones

Me wearing the beyerdynamic DT 770 Pros Looking a bit silly. Easily the best headphones I have ever used

Headphones are an excellent device to keep the game and friend chatter under control in the house, and they sound great too. Many will opt to recommend “gaming headsets,” but I’m going to go against this trend and recommend something they’ll appreciate much more – Great quality audio headphones.

The ones that I use require the help of a headphone amplifier or audio interface, but they do sell versions of the headphones I have that don’t need that. Those are the ones that I will be recommending here.

These headphones look great, sound great, and keep most of the sound isolated from the rest of the room. A perfect fit for a streamer with a family, and an excellent Christmas gift.

A Stream Deck

Stream Deck mount SDXL
A 32 Button Stream Deck in one of the mounts mentioned below

The Stream deck is an incredibly helpful tool designed for streamers to be able to easily control their content while live. It features a panel of buttons that have a screen behind them, and every one of the keys can be quickly and easily programmed using an easy-to-use graphical user interface. There are many built-in features that control popular broadcasting functions, such as:

  • Scene Swapping
  • Starting and stopping a broadcast/recording
  • Replay Buffer playback
  • Scene Collection swap
  • Source Visibility
  • Audio Mixer
  • Screenshot
  • And much more

There is also a new device by them, the Stream Deck +, which features knobs that are programmable with macros. This is a pretty novel concept and one that has enormous potential as an accessibility device. I would love something like this as a Christmas gift for sure.

A Stream Deck Mount

Low-Cost Item

Stream Deck mount SD15 rear view
SD15 Rear View

If you get them a stream deck, consider also getting a Stream Deck mount. These handy designs allow you to mount the stream deck in various configurations to free up some desk space, and personalize the feel of your setup.

Some mounts allow multiple stream decks to be mounted and placed in positions that are more ergonomic, while others allow you to mount the device on Boom arms, like the one above for microphones.

Check out what kinds of mounts are available for these devices on Etsy.

A Decent Webcam (Or Two)

Logitech C920x Review - A Great Webcam for Streamers
Click the banner to see the C920X Review

A webcam is a very useful addition for any streamer, as it adds a dynamic to the content that creates a more personal interaction between the streamer and the audience. This is an optional component, but the use of a webcam can be put to use in several ways:

  • A face camera
  • A Hands camera
  • A Camera perspective from multiple different angles creates interest
  • A Sleeping kitty cam

As you might expect, with so many options for camera placement available, you could actually get more than one webcam, and set up a multi-camera stream.

You’ll want to make sure that the streamer you intend to gift this to is comfortable with using a webcam before you buy one.

Some Panel Lights

Lights are an essential part of a streamer’s setup if they use a webcam. Lights help to eliminate grain in the video, improving the functionality of the webcam, as well as reducing ugly shadows that are created by overhead lights. This makes panel lights one of the best Christmas gifts for streamers.

To demonstrate the importance of lighting and its effect on a person, check out this gif that shows how light can dramatically change the appearance of a person just by changing the angle.

As the entire feel of a production can be altered by lighting, this makes getting a dedicated light for streamers very important.

Another benefit of dedicated lighting is that it reduces the strobing effect that happens from the monitor’s light during high-intensity gameplay. This is not only annoying and distracting for a viewer but can even cause epileptic seizures, should they be prone to that issue.

An Elgato Capture Card

If the Streamer you are buying for is interested in retro gaming, perhaps they’d like to stream it. In this case, they will need a capture card to accomplish this, at least if they intend to use the original hardware. Sometimes, HDMI isn’t an option on consoles, so you’ll need to opt for the analog capture card option in those cases.

The alternative here is to use emulation, but for that to be legal, the streamer will need to create their own digital backup of the games they own using specialized hardware. It is easier to just use the capture card in this case, and that also results in the best experience free of emulation bugs.

A capture card is also helpful if they decide to get a dedicated streaming PC to handle the encoding. The leaders in capture card technology are Elgato.

Custom Twitch Name Throw Pillow

Low-Cost Item

Getting a custom item for a Twitch Streamer with their Streamer brand next to the twitch logo is just a nice Christmas gift for them. It shows that you support their endeavors as a streamer, and they’ll appreciate the sentiment. I’m sure it will be quite the talking point in their streams.

An Own3D Pro Subscription

With access to over 600+ overlays and alert sounds, the Own3D subscription is an excellent christmas gift to give a streamer. Not only that, but there are also a lot of other helpful tools available to you in the package, and you can even get started using it for free to try it out.

“I’m Streaming” Door Sign

Low-Cost Item

A sign on the door to tell family members or friends that you are live is an excellent tool. For example, there have been incidents in the past where the streamer’s significant other has walked into the camera frame of a streamer while they have been live, revealing themselves in a precarious state of undress. If there were a sign on the door to inform those significant others, then the likelihood of such an accident occurring would be much lower.

This is an excellent stocking stuffer item, and it is functionally useful. They’ll be sure to appreciate the sentiment, and who knows – it could protect you from such a situation in the future!

A Programmable LED Sign

A programmable LED sign is one of the cooler things that are out there for creators as a face cam backdrop item. Since it is programmable, you can make it say anything you want it to. This includes their streaming channel name, the latest subscriber to their channel, and much more. Your imagination is the limit.

The versatility of such a device makes it easily one of the best Christmas gifts for Streamers.

A Decent Laptop

Next up, we have a decent laptop. I don’t think I need to explain the value of a laptop to you, so I’ll just put this out there. A decent laptop for a streamer tends to be one of the most expensive gifts you can give them, because computers in general are very expensive devices.

This is doubly so for a streamer, as the laptop I’m going to recommend will blow their minds. This Laptop is the Asus Zenbook Pro Duo.

This laptop has two screens built into it – this makes it an excellent choice, as they can monitor their chat while they stream, and the quality of the encoding of this machine is nothing to scoff at, thanks to the powerful Nvidia RTX 3060 GPU and the 12th gen intel processor built into this monster of a laptop.

Heck, even I’d love to get this thing – it’s a productivity monster.

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