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Being informed creates a solid foundation on which to build on

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Content Creation is a massive industry that spans several mediums. In fact, it is so prevalent that children have been labeling “Being a YouTuber” as their dream job for years now. To make this dream of yours come true, I’ve created hundreds of tutorials to help you get started as a Content Creator.

Being a content creator has several benefits as well as drawbacks. It is important to go into this knowing the drawbacks, as learning them as you go can be very detrimental to your mental health.


  • You make your own hours
  • You have no earnings limit
  • Create whatever content you want
  • No boss to answer to


  • Literally endless and difficult work
  • Takes months, sometimes years to establish an income
  • Subject to Cancel Culture
  • Fame is extremely stressful
  • Burnout is common

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