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Why RGB LEDs Are a Terrible Choice for a Key Light

Why RGB LEDs are Terrible as key lights

There is this fad with rainbow vomit capable RGB LEDs for PC case lighting. However, as a key light, they kind of suck. Here’s why:

How to Use Filters on OBS For a Unique Twist

OBS is a powerful broadcasting software with a ton of amazing features used by content creators. For example, Filters on OBS give you a ton of flexibility.

Streamlabs bought by Logitech?! What does it mean?

Logitech Acquires Streamlabs.

And for a whopping $89 Million in cash! What will it mean for the OBS Studio alternative, Streamlabs OBS? Probably a lot of good!

5+ Copyright Free Music Resources for Live Streamers

DMCA free stream safe music on Twitch

Looking for Copyright free music for use on Twitch or YouTube? I’ve compiled a list of stream safe music on Twitch and YouTube for you. Check it out!

What is a Key light, and how can it improve your Stream?

Looking for a light to use in your streaming setup to improve your webcam or DSLR quality? Let’s figure out what light is the best key light for you.

What is the Advanced Audio Properties in OBS Studio?

Understanding Advanced Audio Properties, a powerful feature in OBS Studio

Improve your mastery of OBS with one of it’s powerful features: Advanced Audio Properties. Down-mix to mono, monitor sources, and more.