What is an influencer? It is the key to growth

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A field of grass. It is the influencer of the animal food chain.
A Field of grass is symbolic of growth. It is also the great influencer of the animal kingdom.

Wondering what an influencer is? In a nutshell, just a fancy word for someone who is able to successfully advertise something. You are “Influencing” people.

Streaming is one of those influencer positions. However, streamers tend to focus on the wrong points when attempting to spread that influence. Many get a logo made, which is good (If you don’t have a logo, hire one of ours to get it made). If they push affiliate, they will do sub badges, emotes, and other enticing paid upgrades. And yes, you still do those things. But you need to be focusing less on streaming itself, and more on marketing yourself and improving your reach as an influencer.

In other words, streamers spend too much time worrying about showing up high in the category for the game or whatever they are streaming on the platform they stream on. They instead, need to worry about advertising themselves to people outside of this little sphere of influence.

Think about how you are being influenced as a human every day of your life. You have music, posters, tv commercials, street signs, subscription services, emails, tweets, etc, etc, etc.

What an influencer is, and adopting an influencer’s perspective

A large skyscraper. To some, it means that influencers are usually attributed to being higher up.
Some may view the influencers as being above them. That is all perspective. Perhaps it is you looking down at them. Everything is relative.

You are being advertised in so many ways it is not even funny. Even now, as you read this article, you are being influenced by us. You have a question, you looked it up on google or wherever, and we showed up in your search. You clicked it, as you may have possibly found an answer that you were looking for, and here you are.

In other words, we have successfully influenced you into reading our article. A blog is also a fantastic tool to spread your influence. We work on many different concepts, covering a wide variety of subjects, and optimize for search engines and high volume key phrases.

Bombardment of your Senses – Sensory Overload makes you susceptible to ads.

A man with stress all around him.
Life can be stressful.

However, this is a rather benign form of influence, as we are merely a blog that showed up when you searched “what is an influencer” or something to that extent. There are far more “in your face” ads that you can’t avoid by simply scrolling past it in a google search. They bombard you with information, then sell you an idea or product.

This is sensory overload. It is what causes us to be highly susceptible to persuasive ads showing off how good this new hedge trimmer is at cutting grass, or how powerful a motor this car has over last year’s model. We are trying to sell you something, be it an idea, technique, or that shiny new car you didn’t know existed till you read this article.

We just want to not be looking at the ads, as they add stress to us. This stress induces this “I’ll buy it, so go away!” response. It’s all psychology.

Taking control – You want to be the influencer, not be the influenced

Think about why you are here. You are a person trying to grow their stream or prospect and are researching ways to do so. We get that. In fact, to those who aren’t currently streamers, you can adopt streaming as a way to build a connection with your audience. With your audience being brought closer to your brand, you can more easily influence them into doing what you want them to do.

It isn’t taking advantage of them, either, for those who are seeing this as a sneaky tactic. You are a business or a person who is really passionate about a hobby at the end of the day. You are trying to make money or become more popular. Those are the only two reasons to be a streamer who is chasing growth or improvement in our opinion.

Being an influencer means you have a level of control over your audience, and the actions they take. Say, for example, the humble business card. They may seem like an outdated alternative for an obsolete world. But they are still around, and that means they must work.

As a streamer, acting as the influencer and not the influenced, you are able to take hold of your career or hobby, and really connect with them. The ways you can do this are many, and we will be adding more ideas at a later date.

Advertise yourself – The Humble Business card

A stack of paper on the right side. In the top right is a green holly. To the bottom left of the paper is two stacks of business cards.

Above the stacks of business cards is a Samsung Galaxy, oriented in a horizontal position. Above that is a mug full of coffee.

To the left of the business cards is a magenta twist pen with a maroon colored tip. All of this is sitting on a 5 wide table slab of 2/4s stained a brilliant golden brown.

Visible at the very top of the image is a brownish looking edge of some sort of bowl. Difficult to tell.
Business cards, Car magnets, a pen, your phone, and some coffee are all you need to become an influencer.

Getting a business card design made can be done by hand, and by you. The things to include in it would be:

  • Your Logo
  • Stream URL
  • Schedule on one side
  • Contact info and associated Social media
  • Your Emotes somewhere on it
  • Sub badges too.

Get a bunch printed with these details and you can then pass them out to your family, friends, businesses, etc.

These little cards may find their ends at the hands of the trash bin for some, but others might not. Still, these are permanent physical advertisements within the world until destroyed beyond recognition.

They are not a Social media blurb that gets flooded away by thousands of other ads, never to be seen again. They are little seeds you are planting across the world. Some bloom, some don’t.

For businesses, include info relevant about you. This is an option to be explored, but don’t sweat it starting out from the very beginning if it is out of budget.

Advertise yourself – The Car Magnet. (Do this first!)

Think about your car. You sit in traffic all day driving places you go to. All that time, the only thing you are advertising is the car and the manufacturer of the car you are driving. Yes, that model of car and decal of the auto dealer are advertisements for others. SUPRISE!

This is a Serious waste of potential people to see your stream and is especially true in traffic jams. Think about it. Your car has all this real-estate for advertisement. It is almost comical how little utilized it is. This is a very strong tool for any influencer to utilize.

In fact, some companies even pay you to plop adverts onto your car. Why? Because if just two people buy what you are advertising from them, they made a profit from the deal they made with you that they pay you for.

This is a method I recommend everyone who has a car to use, regardless of what it is they are trying to create. It’s a cheap, and passive advertisement. (And Income, if you want to do it for other companies.)

Advertise yourself – Video On Demand(Vod)

Another effective way to advertise yourself is by creating Vods on platforms like YouTube. Brands sponsor highly influential individuals on YouTube. You might wonder how exactly you can do that for yourself.

Getting sponsored means that an established business has recognized your ability to advertise yourself to people, and have decided it was worth the risk to sponsor you to promote their product or service.

They pay you to mention their product (with them preferring a positive review), in your content you are making.

In addition, if you are recognized by the platform itself for your skill in making videos, they enable Ad sharing for ads they run on your channel. They don’t have to do that; It is an incentive for you to keep you pumping out more content, so they can make more money. The reason they do this is popularity is an attractive thing. As your influence grows, word of mouth takes over, and that is when content goes Viral.

When a video goes viral, ad revenue goes through the roof, and everybody is happy; The influencer, the Influenced, and the advertisers. Remember though that the influencer is also the advertiser if you play your cards right.

Advertise yourself – Podcasting & guest appearances

Podcasting is yet another avenue as an influencer. Typically these are the “review” or “featuring some cool business here” variety. The type you want to focus on as a streamer is to be one of those featuring some cool business types. There is something really cool thing about podcasts. They are basically advertisements for both parties.

That mutual growth is a connection. You learn of a guy, so you can tell people about that guy, so they can provide you with the content you need for your podcasting show to air. It’s a mutual benefit, where both of you profit from what you create.

That connection you forged may then tell others about you, and their experience with you. They become word of mouth advertisement. This is incredibly valuable, as now they are advertising you to their audience with their own content.

Being a guest on a show, you also gain a bit of trust. Your audience is able to put a name to a face. That trust is essential, especially if you are hoping for them to subscribe or support you on Patreon or something.

Forming Communities – Establish a group of people who consistently support you

To strengthen the bonds of the people you’ve influenced, creating a community to where they may congregate and interact with you is essential. This reinforces their trust in you, and they are able to get to know you as a person.

That trust is essential for growth as well. A lack of trust is equivalent to being a scam. We’ve seen it happen to people, even those well-meaning who fell prey to grey and blackhat techniques of advertisement (Spambots, etc). We get spam on a daily basis, from shady sites that are trying to force its way into a click. They are desperate and are willing to try anything to help improve their income.

We can say, if your brand is ruined by these practices, there is almost no chance of recovering that lost trust, and you will eventually fail.

This is why having a community formed around your brand will help you from falling victim to these techniques that ultimately destroy the same business they were created to save. That community and the connections you form with them will keep you from ever getting that desperate.

The Gist of it all – Creating content that increases your reach as an influencer

At the end of the day, what sells to people is content worth their time and money. If that content is intended to be entertainment, you have a lot of competition. Perhaps you could branch out to stream your hobby of assembling racing drones that you can then sell to your viewers. They get to watch you build the same drone they buy from you. By doing this, you are both entertaining and selling a product at the same time. Possible subs and happy drone pilots (Or novices that crash it into that tree and break it.) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Or perhaps, you could stream your hobby of singing, utilizing the amazing Twitch Sings. Maybe instead you could create a wonderful work of art on a canvas, like your hero Bob Ross (Who wouldn’t he be a hero of? ;))? Guess what? You can sell that artwork!

Creative streamers really have a lot of potential sources of income, whereas gamers…really don’t. (Unless you are an affiliate for the game company and people buy the game using your link…) You just need to get creative in the ways you expand your influence and advertise to people to make yourself known to the world.

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